League of Angels 3

Fantasy role-play – We all just love MMORPGs and role playing – big worlds full of danger, and a certain addictive element. Today we have special reason to rejoice – we found the completely free-to-play MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) League of Angels 3! Choose one of the rivalling factions, and plunge into the action!

The free game League of Angels 3 from Esprit Games is first of all a classic MMORPG. In order to start your journey in the world of Etain you need to create a free player account! Once you’ve done that the next step is deciding on one of the two factions. On the one hand you have the guardians of light, who are elves and men. But if you prefer to play the villain, then choose the Union of Rage – an alliance of the dark forces with terrible necromancers and evil dark elves. Once you’ve decided on a faction and a race, your next step is to choose a character class. Even though classes have different names her